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Full Stack Developer - Android/Web

If you think about it, the entire world is wrapped in an if-else and a for-loop logic
- Trishiraj

  • DOB: 03/06/1997
  • Website: www.corvusrom.com
  • City: Chennai, India
  • Degree: B.E(cse)
  • Email: trishiraj.247@gmail.com
  • Career: Self-Employed

Greetings Everyone!
Thanks for viewing my portfolio and now if you’ve landed in this page then it simply means you wanted to know about me and I am glad about it. Starting off with my childhood, academics was never my point of interest but anything that wasn’t a part of my curriculum has been something I’ve always been curious about. I’ve been brought up in a way that me and technology go hand in hand. As years passed by, technology updated and evolved and so did I. Finally on my final years of schooling i figured that deals with the virtual world is my cup of tea as turns out all my hobbies, interests and passion turned out to be within a 24 inch screen or a 6 inch screen.

I am a person who believes that book knowledge and the marks that toppers gain is nothing if you can’t even implement it in real life and see or make a change happen! That’s where I jump in, as a practical learner i love to learn new things, explore them and then implement them to see something happen and when it does turn out successful, that gives me happiness that not any marksheet could get me.

My knowledge base has always been ever growing and never stops, Starting from android development, learning programming languages, learning new frameworks, web designing, illustrations, UI designing, Gaming, casting, streaming, youtubing, Editing and VFX, Exploring multimedia, Science and most importantly physics on how the world is running and the list just keeps going on and on. To know more about the stuffs that i do, this website I made should help you get a clear idea about me as a person and my expertise on a work field.

Thanks for stopping by!
Feel free to contact or leave any feed back behind :)

Hours of coding

Open Source Projects

Github Contributions

Industrial Projects


Web Development 95%
Android 100%
Jquery/Javascript 75%
Communication 100%
Designing 90%
Linux Systems 80%
Multimedia 80%
Git/CLI 100%


My magic resides here


Web Development
(Full Stack)

Vuejs Framework

Linux Systems

UI/UX Designing

(Photoshop,Premiere Pro,Illustrator,After Effects


Content Creation

Computer Technician


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Excel in delivering Innovative and Out of the box content in any domain of my strength so as to speak are my interests. Competitive in bringing uniqueness on the things I get my hands upon. Been into this field assuring 4+ years of experience in selective domains as listed previously

  • Chennai,Tamil Nadu, India
  • (+91) 98407 23698
  • trishiraj.247@gmail.com


Velankanni Matric. Hr. Sec. School

2014 - 2016


Excelled with around 72%, Always retained to be the non-academic yet so self trained learner

Vels University

2016 - 2020

Undergraduate (B.E, cse)

Scored a CGPA of 7.5 amidst the pandemic uprising. For sure was a boon to stay home and sharpen my skills for what's coming next

Professional Experience

Android Firmware Developer

2019 - Present

CorvusOS - AOSP

  • Based on Android Open Source Project (Android-10,11 and 12)
  • Handwritten UI customisation and features from scratch
  • Built and shipped for variety of device brands
  • Supporting more than 40+ devices with regular updates
  • Languages used: Java, Kotlin, XML, Makefiles, C++, Python, Shell scripts
  • To know more, Checkout CorvusOS

Web Developer - Frontend

March.2020 - Oct.2021

AVP Consulting (Fulltime)

2020 - Client R2S Technologies,UK

  • Self taught PHP, Laravel, SQL and query language for the first time
  • Worked on a fullscale industrial project for IMI Hospitals
  • A self sophisticated portal for tracking Hospital based business deliverables
  • Development took place in a full Agile environment
  • Primarily focused on front-end of the application
2021 - Client BEP Systems, UK
  • Designated role as a Support Engineer
  • Responsibilities included API handling/Testing, Debugging and investigation, Client communication
  • Gained immense experience with Freshdesk servicing platform and Postman

Android Developer

2019 - 2020

KnackForge, Chennai - Contract

Keeping android as the base background for general android services we made an android skin that overlays on top of the traditional android firmware. Scrapped out elements like google services and playstore and creating minimalistic yet secure android skin with no Bloatwares to go along with an upcoming phone brand name Wisephone. To know more checkout Techless.com

Android Developer


TrackerWave, Chennai - Part-Time

  • Android app built on JAVA and Material design
  • Project-1 Android App for Hospitals with BLE Beacons and integrating geolocation/Geotagging for Object/Patient tracking
  • Project-2 Management App for OMR Street Food, Chennai and its various other branches all at one app
  • Usage of Firebase DB, Analytics, Payment Gateways, GPS and Map API based functionalities

Android Developer


National Institute of Wind Energy, Chennai - Intern

Core Android Lead

  • Android app built on JAVA and Material design
  • App was made to show Wind/Heat signature map based on coordinates provided by NIWE
  • Industrial Self Contained project, Not disclosed for public usage

Android Developer


MirrAR Innovative Technologies Pvt Ltd, Chennai - Intern

Core Android Lead

  • Android app built on JAVA and Material design
  • Core app was built on implementing the AR functionalities of Android
  • Usage of Augmented Reality to showcase the products in realtime
  • A jewelry purchase app based on Augmented Reality

Field of work

My Expertise

Android App

Based on JAVA or Kotline with Material Design and latest Androidx base

Full Stack Web Development

HTML, CSS and JS/Jquery based websites with self made designs and any preferable backend like Firebase

Web Apps

Complex Web Applications using frameworks like VueJS with backend integration and API handling

UI Designs

Android or Website Designs, crafted based upon user interests

Computer Technician

Any recommendation of a computer hardware build or compatibility check with product recommendation and self build if required

Content Creation

Youtube Thumbnails, Poster designs, Post processing and editing or Live streaming setup for Youtube,Facebook and Twitch with the ability of Multi-streaming


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